Join us Tuesday evenings for a FREE speaking series for patrons of NTNC.

Our “Tuesday Team Talks” are inspired by our weight loss program and designed to help educate ALL our patients and clients, so you can make the most of your journey towards health.

Each week, a member of the NTNC team will present on a subject that is related to their specific expertise, with a focus on why it influences weight loss. Subjects include the importance of digestion, why you don’t need to count calories, hormonal imbalances, stress, sleep, exercise, stretching, the lymphatic system, and many, many more.

While we will always have a “weight loss focus,” you can guarantee the information will benefit all. And you will have the opportunity to learn from doctors, nutritionists and other therapists in an intimate setting.

Come and join us

Starting Tuesday May 26
7:30 – 8:15 pm


Scheduled talks

Contact us to RSVP – Talks may be rescheduled if there are not enough participants so please call the clinic closer to the date to confirm you will be attending.


Speaker Information

Tuesday May 26

Stop Counting Calories! A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

–Via Bitidis ND/Ruth Anne Baron ND

Tuesday June 2

Body Talk - A Safe Start To Moving and Grooving!

–Tamara Blum

Tuesday June 9

Tummy Talk - Digestion and Weight Loss

–Vanessa Bond, CNP

Tuesday June 16

Beat the Sugar Blues:  Stress, Sleep and Weight Loss

–Via Bitidis ND/Ruth Anne Baron ND

Tuesday June 23

The Impact of Extra Pounds and The Importance of Stretching

–Dr Carla Inoque, DC and ART® Provider and Susan Shipton, RMT

Talks coming up for fall 2015

Favorite Nutritional Products

–Vanessa Bond, CNP

Get your Metabolism Humming – the Thyroid Connection

–Via Bitidis ND/Ruth Anne Baron ND

Muscle Power!  Strength Training for Women

–Tamara Blum

Pantry Power.  Inspiring New Ideas

–Vanessa Bond, CNP

Getting Off the Hormone Roller Coaster!

–Via Bitidis ND/Ruth Anne Baron ND



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