nutritional counselling

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health! At NTNC, both naturopathic doctors and our holistic nutritionist are available to offer you the individualized advice you need to optimize your health.

Changes in diet can be difficult, but small, strategic change can lead to increased energy, improved gastrointestinal function, enhanced immunity and disease prevention or management. Conditions as diverse as hair loss, infertility, diabetes, high cholesterol, menstrual problems, autoimmune conditions, IBS, headaches and fatigue are often linked to poor nutrition and poor digestion.

At NTNC, we also offer in depth assessments including food sensitivity testing, BIA analysis (body fat & muscle composition), live cell analysis & digestive function tests that help to determine your overall nutritional & digestive status.

Personalized plans. Recipes. Meal Ideas. All are customized to your needs so you can meet your health goals.

specialized diets

Specialized nutritional advice is fundamentally important in addressing many conditions including:

  1. detoxification
  2. diabetes
  3. weight loss or weight gain
  4. cancer prevention & treatment
  5. high blood pressure
  6. allergy elimination
  7. children’s diets for special needs (autism, ADD, allergies)
  8. sport performance

nutrition seminars, cooking workshops and corporate talks

We are passionate about good nutrition and good health and enjoy sharing our expertise in the community! If you are interested in having us come speak at an event or would like us to provide a healthy cooking workshop please contact the clinic for more information.