Osteopathic manual therapy is a holistic health science of drugless therapy that focuses on studying the human body as a unit of harmonious interrelated systems.  An osteopathic manual therapy treatment uses numerous methods of manual diagnosis and treatment methodology.

Within the initial consultation, the therapist listens to the patient’s complaints, documents a complete health history, and completes a full-body structural examination. The goal of the examination is to discover imbalances and disturbances within the body that are the mechanical and physiological reasoning behind the health problem.

The imbalances and disturbances are termed Somatic Dysfunctions, which disrupt normal nutrient flow from the arterial, venous, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Multiple treatment modalities are used to correct the somatic dysfunctions; therefore restoring nutrient flow. The restoration of nutrient flow allows the bodies inherent self-healing, repairing, and defense mechanisms to work.

The treatment modalities are based upon the four Principles of Osteopathy:

  1. A person is a dynamic unit of function
  2. A person has self-healing, repairing, and defense mechanisms
  3. Structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) are interrelated at all levels
  4. Rational treatment considers and uses these basic principles


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