Biological Stress Assessment

Please answer true or false to the following questions…

  • I often feel dizzy, faint, like I haven’t woken up or I’m in a dream
  • After getting up from a lying position or after bending down I often feel light headed or dizzy
  • I have dark circles under my eyes
  • My nails are brittle and weak, my hair is dry and thinning and/or my skin seems to aging too quickly
  • I feel tired, run down, drained or emotionally or physically exhausted much of the time
  • I am working harder and harder, but accomplishing less and less.
  • I catch colds or other infections (cold sores, yeast infections, bladder infections, sinus infections) easily
  • I’m gaining weight around my middle
  • I have strong cravings for sweet or salty foods
  • I feel overwhelmed or stressed by work, family and other responsibilities
  • I’m often irritable, impatient or pessimistic
  • I am forgetting appointments, deadlines or personal possessions more frequently.
  • I often have trouble waking in the morning even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour
  • I’m often tired after exercise, rather than energized
  • I have developed allergies, hay fever, asthma or skin rashes over the last few years
  • My body temperature seems off balance. My hands and feet feel cold and my face feels warm even though I’m not sick.
  • I drink more than one 8 oz cup of coffee, caffeinated drink or cola everyday
  • I am experiencing more physical complaints, aches, pains and /or headaches?
  • In my free time I’m too tired to do anything that involves going out of the house
  • I rarely take pleasure in many of the things I used to enjoy.


0-8: Chances are you’re just having a bad week. Retake this test one month from now to see how you score then. In the meantime, be good to yourself, eat well and get some extra sleep.

9-13: Stress is beginning to take its toll on you. You need to be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand. Learn to say no to some of life’s demands and consider making some positive changes, such as improving your diet and taking some additional supplements to support you at this time.

14-20: You are more than likely experiencing adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can lead to more serious illness. Please consult with your naturopathic doctor to be fully assessed and discuss treatment options.

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