complete and natural weight loss

We get it. Losing weight is hard.

You’re not alone. So many people feel like they’ve tried everything and nothing works. Our six-week program strategically addresses health imbalances that can impact your ability to lose weight – and keep it off.

Hormones. Blood sugar. Inflammation. Digestion. Yeast or parasites. Allergies. We look at it all figure out the best approach for you.

We conduct a complete health intake that includes urine and other biochemical tests, and then build a program specific for your body, your health status and your goals.

  • It is a customized approach that delivers superior results
  • Designed to address health issues that can prevent successful weight loss
  • Supervised by naturopathic doctors
  • Supported by a holistic nutritionist
  • Recipes, menu planning and meal ideas
  • Includes weekly weigh-ins, nutritional counselling and an educational speaker series to help keep you on track

No calorie counting. Your focus will be on clean, nutrient-dense foods that fuel energy, vitality and weight loss. You simply need to make a commitment to your body. Not because you hate it, but because you love it.


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